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Bear Behaviour for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Staying Safe in Bear Country: Understanding Bear Behaviour will help you to safely deal
with a bear encounter without the fear and anxiety of not knowing what to do, through
interactive sessions, self-paced lessons, storytelling and imagery...

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Staying Safe in Bear Country: Understanding Bear Behaviour... 

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10 Modules

Bears and Bear Spray: Myths and Misconceptions

In the bear deterrent module you will discover the best practice protocols for when, where and how to use a bear deterrent.

BONUS: 10 Essentials Adventure Checklist

Adventuring with confidence starts with the 10 essentials plus 3.  


Getting to know the neighbourhood bears is the first step to staying safe in Bear Country… Most of us work, play or live in Bear Country follow along to find out which bears you will most likely meet on the trails and how to tell them apart… 


Night is coming soon... will you have a night time visitor? Setting up your campsite is the last step to take before bedding down for the night.  Is your camp bear proofed? 

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