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CBVA Bear Aware and Safety Education Certification Training 2024

Become a Leader in Promoting Responsible
Bear and Wildlife Interactions

Unlock the doorway to a transformative journey into the world of bears with our comprehensive Bear Country Naturalist Professional Certification Training. This exclusive program amalgamates the industry-standard Commercial Bear Viewing Association (CBVA) certifications, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to lead safe and immersive adventure and wildlife viewing.

Program Overview:

Throughout this comprehensive certification training, you'll dive into the intricate world of bear behaviour, safety protocols, and wildlife interaction. 

As we all know, bears are excellent communicators, and our program puts a strong emphasis on understanding their signals. This not only ensures your safety but also allows you to make informed decisions about when to stay and when to respectfully withdraw.

But it's not just about the bears - this training equips you with transferable skills that can be applied to almost any wildlife encounter. 

We'll also cover the delicate balance between a viewing opportunity and a potential safety situation, giving you the tools to respond appropriately. And let's not forget about the emotional aspect of bear-human interactions. We'll equip you with strategies to effectively manage these encounters, because let's face it - bears have feelings too.

By the end of this training, you'll gain a deep understanding of bear behaviour and how it relates to their environment. You'll be able to comprehend how bears fulfil their daily, weekly, and annual needs - almost like a bear whisperer! 

But in all seriousness, our core focus is not just on bear viewing - it's about developing a comprehensive understanding of wildlife interaction and promoting responsible practices that benefit both humans and the natural world. 

So come join us, and let's become certified bear country naturalists together!   🐻🌲💼👨‍🎓👩   Ready to enrol? Click here!

Program Features:

  • CBVA Bear Awareness and Safety Certificate:
    • understanding bear behaviour, encounter dynamics, encounter assessment, and correct response actions.
  • CBVA Bear Deterrent Best Practice Certificate
    • Recognizing and implementing active deterrents, mitigating attractants, and how to use bear spray and first aid for optimal safety.
  • In-depth Group Coaching:
    • Engage in intensive seminars covering bear behaviour, habitat   understanding, and communication, setting the foundation for safe encounters.
  • Interactive Learning Modules 
    • Creative, engaging and interactive learning modules, including videos, quizzes, and practical exercises for a dynamic learning experience.
  • Resource Library
    • You’ll have access to a rich resource library with e-books, reference materials, and guides for continuous learning and development.
  • Community Engagement
    • Offers access to a dedicated community forum or group where participants can network, share experiences, and seek advice from peers and mentors.
  • Support
    • Participants receive ongoing support through live sessions, forums, and direct access to mentors, ensuring guidance, clarification, and assistance throughout the program.

Program Benefits:

  • Industry-Recognized Certifications: Earn the prestigious CBVA Bear Awareness and Safety Certificate and Bear Deterrent Best Practice Certificate, setting you apart as a certified professional in the ecotourism and bear viewing industry.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Ensure the safety of both co-works, guests and wildlife with comprehensive safety protocols embedded within every encounter.
  • Contributing to Conservation: Become an advocate for responsible workplace safety and tourism, playing a crucial role in preserving bear habitats and minimising human-bear conflicts.

Why This Training Is Important:

In a world where workplace safety and responsible tourism is paramount, understanding bear behaviour and mastering safety protocols are imperative. By acquiring these certifications, you not only elevate your professional profile but also become a steward of conservation, fostering a harmonious relationship between humans, bears and wildlife..

Specific Results:

Upon completion, you'll possess an in-depth understanding of bear behaviour, the ability to manage co-workers and guest interactions responsibly, and the expertise to ensure safe and unforgettable bear and wildlife viewing experiences while championing ecological preservation.


Jo-Anne Oucharek (Wildlife Photographer)

“I’m inspired by my time with Daryl and getting my level one guide, truthfully has changed the way I go out and view bears.”

Rob Annis (Adventure Journalist)

“I was taking the bear guiding course partially out of personal shame. I stopped to take photos of two black bear cubs and a park ranger ambled up beside me and asked, “Do you know why those cubs are up there? They’re scared, They’re terrified of you.? During the guide training I kept returning to that vivid memory. Perhaps the biggest role of a guide in the field isn’t necessarily to protect people from bears, but to protect bears from people”   To read Rob’s full account on his bear training experience head on over to “Outside Online Magazine” https://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/exploration-survival/bear-guide-training-grizzlies-alaska-canada-british-columbia

Program Delivery Modality:

This program combines the convenience of LIVE online group coaching sessions. Your instructor Daryl, will guide you through theoretical knowledge online and provide first hand accounts and experience in the field to hone your skills.

Bear Country Naturalist Professional Certification Training:

  • CBVA Bear Awareness and Safety Certification 
  • CBVA Bear Deterrent Best Practice Certificate 

Your tuition for the Bear Country Naturalist Professional Certification Training Package is… $597 CDN plus GST.  Keep reading to find out about the added bonuses that are included in this training.

Program Bonuses:

When you join the Bear Country Naturalist Professional Certification Training you will also receive and have access to:

  • Bears and Brew Monthly Professional Development Presentations Library 
  • Group Coaching 

When you register for the Bear Country Naturalist Professional Certification Bundle your tuition is… 

$597 CDN plus GST

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