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How to Use Bear Spray

If you are a hiker, camper, outdoor enthusiast ready to safely interact with bears on your next Bear Country Adventure...

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Staying Safe in Bear Country WAITLIST

Raise your hand if you live in Canada?  If you did, then you live in Bear Country.  Bears are not just found in remote places, they could be right in your own backyard. How do you feel about that?

You are in the right place...

If you want to discover how to keep bears and yourself safe when venturing into Bear Country.

CBVA Bear Safety| Awareness and Level 1 Guide Certification

Commercial Bear Viewing Association Level 1 Bear Viewing Guide and Bear Safety Certification for EcoTourism Guides...

To register for CBVA Bear Safety and Level 1 Bear Viewing Guide training click on the LEARN MORE button. REGISTRATION OPENS NOVEMBER 2022. CLASSES BEGIN JANUARY 2023.

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