Welcome to Bear Country Naturalist Training

Watching Wildlife with Respect, Trust and Understanding.

Welcome to the Bear Country Naturalist Community

Welcome to the Bear Country Naturalist Community. I am so happy you are here. If we haven't met yet, my name is Daryl Dancer.

Watch the video to find out your next steps on how to interact respectfully and safely with black bears, grizzly bears, teddy bears, and polar bears. 👇👇👇🐻💜 

Until then, Happy Adventuring.

Available Courses

CBVA Level 1 Bear Viewing Guide Training 2023

So you want to be. Commercial Bear Viewing guide? You are in the right place!

Fun fact: This training is also, IDEAL for anyone who spends time in nature professionally or for enjoyment and adventure.

This training will change the way you interact with bears and other wildlife. WITH RESPECT, TRUST AND UNDERSTANDING. 


Coexisting Safely in Bear Country

Meeting a bear on a trail and not knowing what to do next can be terrifying and confusing! What was it? Climb a tree, no that can’t be right? Play dead, but when are you suppose do to that and for which bear? Register today to discover what to do in an unwanted bear encounter and how to prevent a bear encounter...

CBVA Bear Awareness Work Cert

For more information on this 8 hour getter done certificate drop me an email daryladancer@gmail.com 

Click on the green Call Me button to book a Wildlife Connection Call to find out the best type of training will best suit your needs.

Bears and Brew Masterclasses

For fun discussions, meet cool people join the Bears and Brew on the THIRD Wednesday of the month.  Click here to access the B&B Zoom Room.  Meeting ID: 858 7431 2203  Passcode: grizzlies

This also is where all Bears and Brew Get-Together REPLAYS are stored. Where each month one juicy tidbit about the secret lives of bears is revealed. 

Bear Country Naturalist Community Hub

Click on the green button below to subscribe and take your first step to staying safe in bear country...

How to Use Bear Spray

If you are a hiker, camper, outdoor enthusiast ready to safely interact with bears on your next Bear Country Adventure...

Click on the green button below to answer all your questions and eliminate your doubts on whether or not to use bear spray!

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