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Staying Safe in Bear Country WAITLIST

Are you a nature loving outdoor enthusiast
wanting to know how to keep bears and yourself safe?

Fun Fact: Bears use many different habitats, from wild spaces to urban places
to meet their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly requirements. They are
not just found in remote wild areas. They can be found right in your
own backyard.

How would you feel if you met a bear? Would you know what to do?

Fun Fact: Bear are unique individuals and experience emotions just like you.  
They can feel stressed, they can feel happy, they can even feel grumpy just
like you do. 

They are self-aware, have a sense of self-preservation and are bears can be
very tolerant of uninvited guests to their homes than we are.  

Imagine how you would feel If people kept dropping in all the time?

So, when out and about doing things in bear country,  think of yourself as
an uninvited guest to a bear’s backyard, their kitchen and living room.

Bears actually can tolerate quite a lot, but there is one thing bears really
don’t like and that is being SURPRISED! 

This is when things could start to happen.

How would you feel if you surprised a bear and stopped her from doing what
she needs to do? Like eating or looking after her babies.

Do you know how not to surprise a bear?

Fun Fact: Bears are as intelligent and as curious a five year olds.  I don’t know
about you, but I know how intelligent and curious five year olds can be. 

So when visiting bear country, it is our responsibility to keep their space safe
from harmful and tempting attractants that could cause a bear to get into trouble.

So just like a five year old, we need to mind their space and interactions and
make sure that they don’t get into mischief  or into trouble that could get them hurt.

How would you feel if you got a bear into trouble?

Imagine how you would feel if you could keep a bear from getting into trouble when
you are venturing into bear country. It would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it!

Since bears don’t have the best internet connection out in the wilderness, 
I’ve created Staying Safe in Bear Country, so you can help keep bears and
yourself safe. 

Are you ready to make sure a bear doesn’t get into serious trouble or mischief? 

Then click on the GREEN button, leave your best email to join the waitlist and get
started on your journey of amazing adventures…

9 Modules

Getting To Know You...

Welcome to the Staying Safe Classroom.

If you could take a few minutes and answer a few questions before the course begins that would be awesome.

This will give me chance to get to know you, what your expectations are and your favourite way of learning.

Bear Country Bears

Being able to identify the type of bear or bears you might meet on the trail is the first step to understanding the appropriate action steps to take in an unexpected encounter... You will discover which bears are in the area by examining the subtle differences between a black bear and a grizzly bear by the print that has been left behind...

Encounter Dynamics

During an encounter there are two or more unique individuals, you, the bear and maybe your dog. In this module you'll discover the dynamics of an encounter, what to expect and how to take control.

Assess the Situation

Bears are great communicators and it's up to us to learn what they are trying to tell us. In this module you will learn the signs and actions that a bear will show you to tell you whether she is feeling threatened, just traveling from point A to point B or he has other intentions in mind.

Response Action Steps

In the previous module, you learned how to read a bear's intentions. Is she feeling threatened? Or does he have something else in mind? In this module you'll learn the steps to take in response to what a bear is trying to communicate to you.

BONUS: Night Visitor Prevention Video MasterClass

Night is coming soon... will you have a night time visitor? Setting up your campsite is the last step to take before bedding down for the night.  Is your camp bear proofed? 

Modules for this course 9

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