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Nature Journal Foundations: Design Your Journal Practice

After discovering the foundations in our free masterclass Nature Journal Foundations: Create Your Adventure Journal Blueprint, take your skills and passion to the next level with the Nature Journal Foundations: Design Your Journal Practice.

Over three months, immerse yourself in a guided exploration of nature journaling that will deepen your connection to the natural world and enhance your artistic expression.

What's Included:

    • Weekly Journal Prompts: Spark your creativity and maintain a consistent journaling practice with curated prompts that challenge and inspire.
    • Drawing Technique Tutorials: Each week, receive new video tutorials and exercises that cover various aspects of sketching and painting in nature, suitable for all skill levels.
    • Monthly Coaching Calls: Join a supportive community in live sessions where you can ask questions, receive personalised feedback, and share your journal pages with peers.
    • Exclusive Online Community Access: A private forum for sharing insights, progress, and inspiration with fellow journal enthusiasts.
    • Training Portal Access: A comprehensive resource equipped with all the tools and materials you need to excel in your journaling journey.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Deepen Your Journaling Practice: Regular prompts and exercises will keep you engaged and help integrate journaling into your daily routine.
  • Expand Your Artistic Skills: Learn new drawing and painting techniques that you can apply directly to your nature journaling, enhancing both your creativity and observational skills.
  • Personalised Support: Monthly coaching calls provide direct access to expert advice and adjustments to your journaling approach, ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Community Connection: Share your journey with a like-minded community that encourages and inspires each other, enriching your overall experience.

Unlock Your Potential:

  • Ignite Your Creative Spark: Regular new prompts and tutorials keep your creativity flowing, eliminating the common hurdle of 'what do I draw/write next?'
  • Build Confidence in Your Skills: Structured learning and community support transform doubt into confidence as you see your abilities grow week by week.
  • Maintain Motivation: With structured check-ins and a supportive community, you're more likely to stick with your journaling practice and see substantial progress.

Call to Action:

Ready to journey deeper into the art and science of nature journaling? Join the "Nature Journal Foundations: Design Your Journal Practice program today and transform your connection with nature. Spots are limited—secure yours now!

1 Module + Community

Nature Journal Foundations

Nature Journal Foundations Blueprint

The Nature Journal Foundations Blueprint workshop is designed to guide you through the enriching process of creating a nature journal that not only documents your outdoor adventures but also deepens your connection with nature. 

Throughout this blueprint, you’ll learn the fundamental skills and techniques to effectively capture the beauty of the natural world in your journal. 

Whether you’re an avid hiker, a casual nature observer, or an aspiring artist, this blueprint will provide you with the tools and insights to start your personal journaling journey.

Modules for this course 1
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