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This Is Your Time To Do What You Love!

Are you a professional woman, who has spent the last twenty plus years focusing on your career and children?

Now that your career is established and the kids no longer NEED you 24/7... Do you seem to have more space in your schedule and asking yourself, now what? Is it too late to start something NEW?

Hello my name is Daryl, I'm designing a program to help professional women to add fun and adventure to their lives.

I'd love to get some insight on what would make your life easier and help you to re-discover the things you LOVE to do...

If you could take 15 minutes to answer seven simple questions, I'd really would appreciate it...

Once you have submitted your answers, you'll receive a special email invitation to a FREE 20 minute 1:1 coaching session with me that will get you started on your journey of Re-Discovering the Things You Love To Do!


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(RE)Discover What You Love 1:1 Coaching

You've been focusing on your career and kids for years. Now its your time (re)discover the things you love to do!

Your mission should you accept is to book a free 30 minute discovery session to find out how to add new adventures, curiosity and awesomeness to your life... boating, hiking, skiing, dancing or art anything you can image... Are you game?

During our Free 30 minute discovery call together, we will identify your goals and figure out how to move forward, so you can (re)discover the things you love to do right away.

We will identify what training is available and what will best suit your personal learning style and situation.

And at the end of our session you will walk away with a clear plan, so you will be well on your way to easily adding a little adventure, curiosity and awesomeness to your day!

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Looking for Adventure and Curiosity?

Come and join us at the Experience Nature Academy where lifelong learning gives knowledge and understanding so you can do the unexpected and the unimaginable with strength and courage.

Are you curious, creative and adventurous? Then its time to Experience Nature with Daryl, so you can awaken your inner Adventurer and Awesomeness and begin to explore new ideas and activities that excite and inspire.

Whatever, you can imagine, be it boating, paddling, hiking, dancing, making art, Daryl can help you discover a new passion or rekindle a past passion, so you can release your inner Adventurer and Awesomeness.

This is where the FREE content resides. Come on in and check it out and start adding a little adventure and curiosity to your life!



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