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How to Use Bear Spray

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16 Modules

Bear Deterrents

In the bear deterrent module you will discover the best practice protocols for when, where and how to use a bear deterrent. Appropriate use of a variety of active bear deterrents can increase human safety and reduce the need to kill bears.

Voice and Body Language as A Bear Deterrent

In this module you will discover the deterrent that is always available to use and how to use it and It’s not what you think...

Active Deterrent Options

In this module you’ll discover the best practice strategies on how to use your voice and body language as an active bear deterrent.

Bear Spray Basics and Safety Considerations

In this module you'll learn bear spray basics and some of the safety considerations to take when using, carrying and transporting bear spray canisters…

How to Use Bear Spray

Bear Spray like any tool, needs to be used properly. Check out this very informative video by WildSmart on How to properly use bear spray when on your next outdoor adventure…

Using Bear S.P.R.A.Y Acrynom

In this module you'll find out about the How to Use Bear Spray Blueprint found on the Wild Safe BC website.  It’s a check list to follow in the unlikely event that you meet a bear on the trail.

How to Purchase Bear Spray

Purchasing bear spray can be confusing... In this module you'll find out what to look for when purchasing your own personal bear spray canister.

Bear Spray First Aid

Bear spray first aid is often overlooked in bear awareness training and at times if it is taught there are conflicting information on the best way to offer first aid to bear spray contamination.

How to Dispose of Bear Spray...

In this module you will learn the proper way to dispose of your bear spray...

Other Types of Bear Deterrents

In this module, you'll discover a wide variety of different bear deterrents and the best type to use depending on the circumstances...

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Next Steps to Staying Safe in Bear Country

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