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Bear Safety and Awareness Course WAITLIST

Bear Safety and Awareness Course WAITLIST

Meeting a bear on the trail can be both terrifying and thrilling...

Not being prepared with a clear and actionable plan in the excitement of that moment can be confusing and overwhelming...

Bears are unique individuals with different temperaments and experiences with humans and how they will react in any situation is not always the same…

Not understanding what a bear has to say could lead to serious consequences.

The good news is you can learn the secret language of bears and have a clear and actionable plan right at your finger tips...

Imagine being confident, in control and knowing exactly what to do in an unexpected encounter by following this little know solution called...

Bear Encounter Assess Response (B.E.A.R.) Formula

The B.E.A.R Formula works, because this little known formula has clear, concise and easy to follow action steps that you can keep on practicing and reviewing as part of your pre-trip Bear Country adventure planning.

Are you ready to include the B.E.A.R. Formula in your adventure tool kit? 


I remember meeting a grizzly bear for the first time face to face.  I stood frozen in time as the bear ran to the bottom of the trail I was on…

Mentally scanning through the training and mentoring I had received to this point, I realized I really didn’t know what to do…

Because, I know how it feels to not know exactly what to do, I developed the Bear Encounter Assess and Response Formula, so you will always have quick and easy action steps to follow right at your finger tips just in case you ever come across a bear on your adventures…


Hi my name is Daryl Dancer, I’m a professional grizzly bear viewing guide and certified bear safety and awareness coach. 

Before I became a bear viewing guide, I was petrified of bears, probably because I knew nothing about them.

That was 15 years ago, now I have over 1000 days in the field and over 4,000 hours with eyes on bears and it’s now time to share with you the B.E.A.R. Formula in the…

Bear Aware Course :
Understanding the Secret Language of Bears

So you can…

Be Confident, grounded and in control in an unexpected bear encounter, even when panic has set in.

This is perfect for adventurous women who hike, backpack and adventure in Bear Country…



At the end of Close Encounters of the Bear Kind you’ll:

  • Push through the fear, the panic and take control of a bear encounter.
  • Navigate the emotional dynamics of an encounter.
  • Assess and determine the appropriate response action steps.
  • Plan your next adventure into bear country with confidence.
  • Know the best ways to avoid an unexpected bear encounter, and
  • Transform your voice and body language into an effective bear deterrent.

What’s In the Course…


Take a look at what we’ll cover… 

Bear Encounter Assess & Response Formula

Module 1:  Bear Country Bears

Module 2: Encounter Dynamics

Module 3: Assessing the Situation

Module 4: Response Action Steps

Bears & Bear Spray

Module 1: Myths and Misconceptions

Module 2: Proper Use of Bear Spray

Module 3: First Aid and Safe Handling


Bears in the Hood Master Class

It’s All About the Food Self-Paced Mini-Course

Invitation to Future Live Training Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take this bear safety training course? 
Daryl uses scientifically researched curriculum designed for the Commercial Bear Viewing Association (CBVA) by an experienced Bear Biologist. 

Daryl’s curriculum and lesson plans that she used to develop this course have been approved by the CBVA education committee and is the same curriculum and lesson plans she uses to teach bear viewing guides for the Eco-Tourism industry and workplace bear safety and awareness.

Why should I pay when I can get this information for free? There is so much information available about bear safety, some is reliable, but most information is based on mistaken beliefs. Taking a bear safety and awareness course with curated content from a reputable source, can save time, money and the peace of mind that you are receiving the proper information to keep you safe in an unexpected bear encounter.

Why does this cost more than other bear safety courses that are available online? Daryl offers a comprehensive training program with a minimum of 6 hours live training over several days to ensure you understand the information.

Daryl also, offers continuous support throughout the year, a Facebook Community and an invitation to participate in future courses, so you can review and refresh what you learned previously before heading out on your bear country adventure.

What if I can’t make it to the live sessions? No worries, each session will be recorded so you can watch the lessons at your own pace and will be available in the e-learning platform.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?  If you need extra support, just drop me an email or message and I’ll help you get unstuck.

How long do I have access to the training? You will have ongoing access to all the training, so you can review and refresh your memory anytime you need it, so you can feel confident on your next bear country adventure.

Is there a community support with this course? Yes, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Bear Country Awareness group on Facebook where questions are asked and answered, and where sharing adventures and stories with like minded women happens.


To make sure you get the attention you deserve, course intakes are small, so add your name to the waitlist for upcoming Bear Aware Courses before heading out on your next adventure...

No Risk Guarantee

If for some reason you are unhappy with the program and after you have participated in the live training sessions. And you have completed the module activities, have worked with me to try to meet your needs and to improve your experience.  I’ll happily refund your 100% of your investment.

Are you ready to include the B.E.A.R. Formula in your adventure tool kit? 

8 Modules

Getting To Know You...

Bear Country Bears

Encounter Dynamics

Assess the Situation

Response Action Steps

BONUS: Bears in the Hood Video Master Class

BONUS: It's All About the Food

Modules for this course 8
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