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Thinking Outside the Frame: A Wildlife Photographer's Mindset Workshop

Wildlife photography is an exciting and rewarding practice, but to get the most out of it requires knowledge and preparation.

Photographing wildlife begins with you, defining why you are doing it, how you want your art practice to look like, and being mentally and physically prepared.

Wildlife photography is not for the faint of heart - it requires dedication, mastery of equipment and exploration of new ways of observing before heading out on a photo shoot.

Being prepared for bear viewing and wildlife watching, building trust and understanding the behaviour of bears can help you capture amazing shots.

With some preparation, research, respect and patience, you can create stunning photographs that showcase wildlife's beauty and wonder. 

The information provided in this 2 part workshop will provide a comprehensive overview on these topics to help you capture stunning and impactful wildlife photographs.

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5 Modules

Exploring Your Photographer's Mindset

Wildlife photography is an exciting and rewarding practice. It requires knowledge, preparation and dedication - not for the faint of heart! To create stunning photographs that capture the beauty and wonder of wildlife, you must first be mentally and physically prepared. So take a deep breath, sharpen your skills and get ready to embark on an adventure into the world of wildlife photography! 

Plans and Preparations

With some preparation, research, respect, and patience, you can create stunningly beautiful photographs that will be treasured for years to come.

Understanding Your Subjects

You must understand wildlife behaviour in order to build trust between the photographer and their subject, as well as master the equipment you are using and explore new ways of observing. 

Closing the Circle of Magic


Modules for this course 5
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